Transformers 4 Back-to-Back with Transformers 5

After doing well in the box office with the first trilogy, Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks Pictures are developing Transformers 4 and Transformers 5. It seems that the era of bringing toys to life is yet to end. News says that the producers are getting closer into the development of Transformers 4 and that they are planning to shoot it back-to-back with the fifth Transformers. Despite the continuously increasing cost of special effects, tedious contract negotiations, and complex marketing plans, Hasbro is working with Paramount to give you yet another action-packed robot series.

So what's in store with Transformers 5? It will be the second part of another trilogy where the events will be set in Transformers 4. Shooting two films in a short period of time is proven to be advantageous. That was what the creators of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolution did. Planning two films without taking a break is friendlier to everybody's schedule. At present, Ehren Kruger, screenwriter for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, has a handful of ideas. He has begun meeting with other writers by this time. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are more likely to be the head producers.

Paramount Films Transformers 4 Back-to-Back with Transformers 5

Michael Bay is likely to take the director's chair too after some news that he is not going to direct. After all, Spielberg can step in anytime he wants if the circumstances call for it. Bay will have to complete his Pain and Gain before working on the new Transformers series.

The writers are seen to get a lot of freedom about the plot now that Shia LeBeouf is not coming back. Aside from casting Jason Statham in the new trilogy, no other details about the new cast are released. Paramount has marked the final quarters of 2012 as production time for Transformers 4 – and Transformers 5 – so expect the film to be released in 2014. Bay has already confirmed his involvement in the film and that the exact release date is June 29, 2014.

Actor Jason Statham believes that Bay is a talented man. He is not negative about being casted in the franchise but the main issues that he must face are the stuff that are in front of him. We can remember that Statham is linked to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and that is probably where the rumors came from. In an interview with MTV, Statham said that he doesn't know where those things came from and added that the Internet is a dangerous place where lots of stuff are around.

Another key person, producer Don Murphy, assures the fans that they are going to see a continuing story. So if you are hearing rumors about a reboot, better forget it. Murphy said that he does not know yet where the new trilogy will go to but there are definitely a lot of new things that fans are going to see. Some fans might get disappointed because the next series will not be all about the bots. He added that the Transformers are still there and they did not grow old or got expensive like other actors. And if they do not hurry, there are great chances that Bay will direct the film once again.

So far, the Transformers franchise has earned more than $260 million in the box office putting it on the 7th spot in the highest-grossing film series in the movie industry. The audience has commended the awesomeness of the film but critics have given each movie mixed to negative reviews. The criticisms are concentrated to how the film was written and how the actors performed. There are still a lot to improve in the film. We are going to see if the creators did well in the future Transformer movies. In the mean time, let use leave the creators and let them do their jobs.

The film is still under development. Hopefully, the production does not encounter anything that can impede the film's fruition. Watch out for additional updates regarding the new Transformer series. Check out the trailer upon its release to see how awesome the movie can get. It may seem a long wait, but time passes by fast. Transformers never cease to entertain their fans. Before you know it, Transformers 5 will be released in just a matter of days.