In an economy in crisis, producers looking for unique ways to spare a few million dollars. When you have a franchise worth one billion dollars every million counts. Considering the rising costs of special effects, advanced planning solutions for marketing and cancellations of contracts, Paramount consider filming of the fourth and fifth sequels sequentially.

President of Hasbro announced quarterly earnings conference about the company that is actively discussing this strategy with Paramount, with director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg. How Shia LaBeouf will play no further franchise make way for a new face. Is he really that of Jason Statham?

The news of Paramount and Hasbro approached strategy is provided by Variety, citing sources whose site it is possible for two movies instead of one to turn to production.

TRANSFORMERS 4 and 5 will shoot consecutively

Tactic has paid off, if we look at the films Matrix Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions, and the last two franchise sequels Harry Potter and Twilight series (Movies Fast Fast Six and Seven of director Justin Lin are likely to grab same way). This strategy ensures success in several ways:

In terms of creativity, anyone can agree and develop the narrative for two films simultaneously. Screenwriter Ehren Kruger (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon) is said to have ideas that are approved with sacred studio, but it just started creative meetings with writers.

Michael Bay, who is currently enrolled on the list only with Spielberg as executive producer, says he plans to direct, if time will permit, its Draft soul, "Pain and Gain". Also, Bay is creative consultant to Transformers: The 3D Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to start filming next spring. Planning two films without little break would be a task easier for everyone.

In terms of contract, crew selection and distribution for the two films would save time and money than if they would renegotiate contracts between shots. A familiar face of the franchise is clearly out of the equation, since Shia LaBeouf has withdrawn from distribution. This gives a free hand to put one nine studios Paramount franchise stamp and allows writers to take more freedom in creating narrative. May the aforementioned Jason Statham is on the radar, but was not made any offer yet.

Finally, planning marketing advantage of two consecutive films company keeps the money in the bank Hasbro and Paramount Studios, the place warm. Company producing toys had grossed over one billion dollars just from the sale of toys, not to put the account and the first two films. Hasbro said profit increased 10% from last year, which is largely due to sales of toys inspired by movies Trasformers.

Although the company plans to make movies feature film and other products, such as Micronauts, Candyland, Risk, Stretch Srmstrong, Clue, Monopoly, Ouija and Battleship, no plans yet to turn into film producer, also Marvel Studios. Goldner, president, seems content to deal with toys, while studios engaged in the manufacture of films. To me, understanding it went great so far.

UPDATE 12/19/2011: Michael Bay wrote the following about this topic:

For now, not talking to people at Paramount about 4 or Transformers Transformers 5. Consider several possible projects and weighed me better opportunities are offered. Most likely, you direct a low budget film, Pain and Gain, a thriller based on a true story. We finished filming and I think pretty soon we'll have fun. Also, are about to finish 3-disc set of Transformers trilogy.